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DeMarco's is a gourmet Italian deli located in Aberdeen, NJ. We offer Monmouth County the best in sliced meats & cheeses from top brands like Boar's Head, Dietz & Watson, and Thumann's. At DeMarco's, our deli customers can always find a wide assortment of top-quality cold cuts and cheeses from the finest and most popular brands. Look for your favorite deli products behind our counter, all fresh and sliced just the way you like them.

Boar's Head


Cheese, White American

Chicken Breast

Ham Glaze

Maple Honey Ham


Provolone, Alpine Low Sodium

Swiss, Baby

Turkey Breast, Cracked Pepper

Turkey Breast, Oven Gold

Cheddar, Vermont

Cheese, Yellow American

Corned Beef, 1st Cut

Ham, Deluxe

Havarti, Jalapeno

Liverwurst, Light

Provolone, Picante

Swiss, Lacey

Turkey Breast, Honey Maple

Turkey Breast, Mesquite- Smoked


Ham Capocolla

Domestic Ham


Olive Loaf

Deluxe Ham

Spiced Ham


Pepper Ham

Italian Specialty

Hormel Gonoa Salami


Prosciutto di Parma

San Daniele Mortadella

Hormel Hard Salami

Daniele brand Prosciutto

Hot & Sweet Dry Capitola

Sicilian Salami

Dietz & Watson

Buffalo Chicken

Horseradish Cheddar

Natural Turkey Breast

Corned Beef



Land -O- Lakes Yellow

Baby Swiss

Sorrento Provolone

Muenster Cheese

Finlandia Swiss

Land -O- Lakes White

Sorrento Mozzarella

Lacy Swiss